Dalmore Constellation 1969 – 42 Year Old – Cask 14


firstly Dalmore Constellation 1969 – 42 Year Old – Cask 14“
is part of the collection of Fortuna Merita, which includes “Regalis” , “Luceo” and “Valor” .
In a literal translation from Latin, the name “Dominium” means “property”,
it conducts a direct analogy with the event,
thanks to which the royal emblem with the deer was transfer to the use of the Mackenzie clan.
Whiskey Dalmore “Dominium”
passes the final restraint in barrels after the sherry of Matusalem,
which provides him with a spicy-fruity,
slightly piquant and sweet flavor-aromatic profile.
more so, Serve it is recommended with cooling stones or in its pure form.
also, The Dalmore Distillery is located in the picturesque mountains of Scotland,
on the north shore of the Firth of Cromarty Bay, amidst the rich natural resources:
the deep clear Loch Mori Lake and the coastal soils of the Black Isle,
which produce magnificent golden barley.
Dalmore has been producing exclusively single malt whiskey since 1839.
For nearly a century, the distillery is own by the Mackenzie clan.
Decorating each bottle, the head of a deer is taken from the Mackenzie coat of arms.
further more, History says that in 1263 the distant ancestor of Mackenzie save on the hunt of King Alexander III,
killing a deer with one arrow. In gratitude,
the king granted him the right to represent the head of a deer
with twelve branches on the horns on the arms, which means
“royal”, and the motto “Save the King”.
Dalmore’s popular Constellation series includes two 1969 vintages in its armoury,
this 42 year old expression being one of them.
For 36 years it brood in American white oak casks
before being transfer to Matusalem sherry and bourbon casks for the final six years if maturation
 in conclusion , ColorThe color of the whiskey is dark amber.
Taste more so,In the taste of whiskey, the tones of exotic spices are combined with sweetish nuances of chili,
dry fruit and citrus peel. In the aftertaste can be trace notes of fruit, caramel and black pepper.
AromaThe scent of whiskey shows a bouquet of spicy, honey, incense and slightly wine tints.
Whiskey is recommended to serve as a digestive, in pure form or with cooling stones.


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